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Ulupono Anahola Community Center

Cultivating Sustainability, Community, and Hope.

In January 2019, KKOA took a significant step by submitting a land use request form to DHHL. This initiative was the beginning of the Ulupono Anahola Project, an ambitious endeavor focused on creating the Ulupono Anahola Agricultural Garden Training Site and Youth Center. The project's vision is to establish a youth center, cultivating agricultural plots for community gardening, fostering native and medicinal gardens, and implementing a sustainable on-site water source through the installation of a well.

KKOA's mission is clear: to empower families in and around the Anahola Homestead community by providing them with the resources and opportunities to cultivate traditional and healthy crops collaboratively. By doing so, the project aims to enable these families to achieve self-sustainability and foster a deep connection to the land they inhabit.

Beyond agriculture, the Ulupono Anahola Project aspires to serve a vital role in the community's well-being. It seeks to address pressing social issues such as youth suicide by offering educational and managerial avenues in sustainability and traditional practices. Ultimately, the project endeavors to be a beacon of hope and resilience, nurturing a generation of youth who are not only stewards of the land but also champions of their own futures.

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