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Ulupono Anahola Site

Community Garden for Youth and 'Ohana

Ulupono Anahola, a community project, has made significant progress toward enhancing food security and community resilience. Notable achievements include the installation of irrigation lines and water meters, the cultivation of kalo, bananas, and papaya trees, and the acquisition of additional storage containers. Collaborations with Anahola residents and farmers, such as Kalalea View Farms, have bolstered volunteer efforts and expertise. The site serves as a hub for educational activities, hosting visits from organizations like the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) and the Consuelo Foundation, showcasing sustainable farming practices and native plant propagation. Looking ahead, Ulupono Anahola continues to engage with the community through training sessions, outreach events, and ongoing partnerships, affirming its role as a vital resource for food security and cultural preservation in the region.

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